Post Operative Care Following

Depending on the exact details of the surgery, patients are discharged either with a Micropore tape on the nasal tip or a full splint. The Micropore tape can be removed three or four days after the surgery by washing it off in the shower, but the full splint needs to remain in place until removed by Dr Diamantis some seven to ten days after the surgery. It is critical that this full splint is not subject to water exposure during this time. Ice packs should be applied to the forehead eyes and cheek for the first twenty four hours on a regular basis but it is important to protect the skin with a towel and to keep the ice packs in place for no more than forty minutes at any one time. There is little discomfort after the first twenty-four hours but prescription analgesics will be provided at discharge.

There is significant nasal obstruction for the first two or three weeks.

Antibiotics are usually provided at discharge and should be taken as directed.

Dr Diamantis recommends the use of Otrivin Nasal Spray or any similar preparation which may be purchased over the counter at the chemist, and which can be commenced the day of surgery and used up until your post operative appointment or as advised by Dr Diamantis following surgery, typically seven to ten days. Despite the instructions on the packaging please use the spray without nose blowing.

Seven days after the surgery Fess Nasal Spray may be started in place of Otrivin Nasal Spray and the patient may blow the nose at this stage, but only gently until review. Fess Spray is usually required three-four times daily, but may be used up to every two hours if needed. It may also be useful to use Nozoil Spray or Fess Gel at bedtime once daily to stop the nose drying out overnight.

The risk of bleeding after nasal surgery is minimal but may occur any time during the first three to four weeks.

Most patients require seven to ten days off work depending on their recovery.

From a breathing perspective full recovery is not usually obtained for two to three months after the surgery. From an aesthetic/cosmetic perspective the rhinoplasty outcome will take twelve to eighteen months but there are certainly an excellent aesthetic/cosmetic changes by the six to eight week visit. At that stage a further consultation will typically be arranged for six months time, or earlier should it be necessary.

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