Post Operative Care Following

Tonsillectomy or Coblation UPP pain typically takes ten to fourteen days to settle completely. During this time regular paracetamol is required on a six hourly basis. The dose and interval of paracetamol given needs to be based on the rate of patient recovery. Stronger pain relief will be provided, if appropriate, on a discharge prescription. Please be aware that the greatest discomfort typically occurs five-seven days after surgery.

Over the counter local anaesthetic sprays and gargles may be helpful to some patients and if used please follow the pharmacist/packaging instructions. In the second week after a tonsillectomy the patient may wish to gargle Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) to reduce the soreness of the throat and smelly breath. Dilute this with half water, half Hydrogen Peroxide and gargle every one-two hours for one-two days.

Antibiotics are usually given post-operatively to prevent infection but they do not assist in control of post-operative pain.

A patient will typically require two weeks to recover fully in order to return either to school or work, arrangements should be made accordingly.

Some patients experience earaches, often severely, after tonsillectomy. This is a normal occurrence and needs to be treated with adequate paracetamol or other painkillers.

After tonsillectomy the tonsil beds when inspected any time during the first two or three weeks appear to be coated with a white or creamy-white material similar to pus. The coating is, however, fibrin and is normal in the early healing stage. It is not a feature of infection.

Post operative bleeding from the tonsillar beds is rare but may occur any time in the first fourteen days. If experienced immediate contact with your surgeon or nearest hospital emergency department is required.

Improved healing is created by the intake of a normal or near normal diet. Please avoid excessively sloppy foods. If the patient is old enough, chewing gum provides massage to the tonsil bed and assists in the healing response.

No aspirin or aspirin products for three weeks.

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